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Preliminary Development Plan
Review Process

Oldham County Fiscal Court created OCEA to provide for collection and disposal of sewage and other liquid wastes produced in the County. The OCEA service area includes the entire County exclusive of LaGrange. For developments planned in areas outside LaGrange, including those with on-site sewage disposal systems, a plan review application form must be completed and returned to OCEA. No project will be reviewed until OCEA receives a completed application, fee payment and appropriate information. If the size or complexity of the project warrants, an increase in the review fee and/or submittal of additional information may be necessary.


  1. A preliminary subdivision plan, location map, supporting information, application form and review fee are submitted to OCEA by the developer or engineer and the project is placed on the next available Board meeting agenda.
  2. An analysis of the development’s impact on existing sewers, pump stations, force mains and treatment facilities is made by OCSD. Wastewater flows are estimated and an evaluation of treatment plant capacity is made by OCEA including preparation of appropriate charts or exhibits needed for Board review.
  3. A review of applicable wastewater facilities plan is made by OCEA and if necessary components of a regional system are identified for implementation including equitable allocation of costs.
  4. A technical memorandum that describes the project, including specific issues, treatment capacity evaluation, wastewater flow estimates, and other relevant factors is prepared by OCEA and provided to the Board for review.
  5. A draft copy of a sewer service letter is reviewed and approved/denied by the OCEA Board. This letter may have specific conditions or requirements imposed on the development project. Upon OCEA Board action, a sewer service letter is sent to the applicant, appropriate agencies and others.


From the date the application is received, a minimum of four weeks must be allowed for OCEA to review and respond to the request for sewer service. Larger or more complex developments may require a longer review period. For the OCEA Board to be able to take action in its regularly scheduled meeting the second Tuesday of each month, a development plan submittal must be received by the 15th of the preceding month. Subject to capacity reservation policy and approval by the State Division of Water (DOW), OCEA cannot guarantee that sewer service will be available at a time consistent with the development schedule. If the project proceeds to design, construction plans for sewers must be reviewed and approved by OCEA and DOW. At that time, in addition to normal capacity charges, OCEA reserves the right to equitably allocate any wastewater facility improvement costs to the developer