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S. Oldham Regional Facility FAQs

Regional Facility Plan Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Facilities Plan?

It is an engineering study to look at the best way to spend capital money for sewers in an area over the next 20 years.  It is required to do one every five years, and Oldham County is overdue. There is an important reason for the requirement: things change a lot in five years. The previous Facilities Plan is outdated and parts of the Plan no longer apply. 

2. Will this help the environment?

Yes. The focus of the Facilities Plan is to take the Orchard Grass, Willow Creek, and Ash Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plants offline.  These three plants are over 30 years old and were designed for 20 years –with 30 year old discharge standards. Removing these plants from service will improve the treatment and reliability of sewer service in the area, and be good for the environment.

3. What options did you look at?

The two main options we looked at were upgrading the existing facilities, or regionalization through the combining of wastewater plants into as few plants as possible.  Upgrading the facilities was quickly eliminated due to cost and the mandate to remove discharges from certain waterways. Once regionalization was chosen there were two more options – Allow MSD to take the flow, or  building one or more new regional plants.

4. How is the chosen option determined?

A combination of the lowest cost (using present worth analysis) combined with environmental and community impacts.  We are having this meeting to solicit feedback from the community.